January 24 9:31 PM: I have just sent out Quiz-1 as an attachment to an e-mail. Read the e-mail, but don't open the attached Quiz until you are fully prepared to take the Quiz.

January 24 7:39 PM: I have just posted Lecture Notes for Week 03, Monday, January 25.

January 22 0:27 AM: I have just posted Lecture Notes for Week 02, Friday, January 22.

January 20 1:30 AM: I sent out e-mails with the Calculations Test and instructions for it.

January 19 20:35 PM: I have just posted Lab Notes for Week 02, Wednesday, January 20. These pertain to doing the Practice Calculations Test. I will send your actual Calculations Test shortly via e-mail, but you are not to open it until you are sure you understand how to do the Practice Calculations Test. In any case, you are allowed redo's (with my feedback) until you get the real Calculations Test perfect.

January 17 10:13 PM: I have just posted Lecture Notes for Week 02, Monday, January 18. This previews Quiz 1 which will be passed out on January 25.

January 14 8:45 PM: I have just posted Lecture Notes for Week 01, Friday, January 15.

January 12 4:27 PM: I have just posted Lab Notes for Week 01, Wednesday, January 13. How to earn credit for the lab is explained at the end.

January 11 12:38 AM: The Welcome e-mail messages were sent out at this time with a link to the first lecture note .

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COVID-19 News

My younger daughter sent me the following link to a Washington Post article entitled "Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to 'flatten the curve'" which I feel is worth passing along to Science-1A students. I'm hoping that it can be viewed without any cost.

Virus Simulation

I'm sure you appreciate the connection between rabbit reproduction, our hydrogen-oxygen explosion, Walt Disney's ping-pong ball and mousetrap demonstration, nuclear bombs, and the current Coronavirus pandemic. When you understand one, it is much easier to understand the others. This is for your enlightenment. You will not be tested on it.

The following links have useful general information:

Clovis College COVID-19 Information Page

California Dept. of Public Health Web Site

Kaiser Permanente COVID-19 Advice

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