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UPDATE - May 26 at 1:58 AM: I have sent out e-mails with grades to everyone who completed the course. Have a great summer, read lots of interesting non-fiction stuff, and stay healthy.

UPDATE - May 22 at 2:34 AM: I took a break from grading finals (that will take me several more days) to add pictures of our COVID-19 Victory Garden. It is shown at our COVID-19 Social Isolation Garden below older pictures of the garden in its early glory days. To be sure, my wife is the gardener. She worked in a hydroponic garden for a few years where the other workers called her the "Queen of Green" and made a crown for her.

Note: I have stashed old UPDATES in a new subdirectory at

COVID-19 News

My younger daughter sent me the following link to a Washington Post article entitled "Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to 'flatten the curve'" which I feel is worth passing along to Science-1A students. I'm hoping that it can be viewed without any cost.

Virus Simulation

I'm sure you appreciate the connection between rabbit reproduction, our hydrogen-oxygen explosion, Walt Disney's ping-pong ball and mousetrap demonstration, nuclear bombs, and the current Coronavirus pandemic. When you understand one, it is much easier to understand the others. This is for your enlightenment. You will not be tested on it.

UPDATE - March 14 at 00:43 AM - Click on this link for details.

This corona virus (COVID-19) seems likely to become serious enough to disrupt our Spring schedule. I will try to post information here about any changes we may need to make for Science-1A.

The following links have useful general information:

Clovis College COVID-19 Information Page

California Dept. of Public Health Web Site

Kaiser Permanente COVID-19 Advice

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Animated Gifs of Molecules

In the following animations, black = carbon, red = oxygen, white = hydrogen, orange = phosphorus, and green = chlorine.

Animated Gifs of Organic Molecules

Animated Gifs of Sugar-Related Molecules

More Interesting Biological Molecules

Still More Interesting Molecules

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