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August 14 11:55 PM: I need to replace the heat sink compound at the processor of my server tonight. I will stop the server at 2 AM. If all goes well, it will be back up within 30 minutes. If not, I will be struggling all night with it.

August 14 9:40 PM: Lab notes returned from a couple of students suggest that I should write a additional note clarifying how the table measurements work.

August 14 12:33 PM: I have added lecture notes for Friday, August 14.

August 11 9:40 AM: Tara L. pointed out that I had a bunch of bad links which were caused by a change I made yesterday. I think they are all fixed now, but let me know if you still find any.

August 10 2:05 PM: It overheated again. I will refrain from any more messing with my system until the middle of the night.

August 10 12:25 PM: Oops. I tried a new 5 TByte backup drive and it caused my server to overheat. That takes it offline for 10 minutes. I will use the backup drive via a separate powered USB Hub which should solve the problem. My apologies for anyone in the middle of using this website when it died.

August 10 11:50 AM: I have received an update on the placement of the handouts indicating that they are at both campuses:

August 9 10:16 PM: Online Lecture Notes for Monday August 10 now available.

August 6 12:25 PM: Printed Handouts Available (copy of e-mailed information)

July 15 02:23 AM: Help me plan how to best do Science-1A online

COVID-19 News

My younger daughter sent me the following link to a Washington Post article entitled "Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to 'flatten the curve'" which I feel is worth passing along to Science-1A students. I'm hoping that it can be viewed without any cost.

Virus Simulation

I'm sure you appreciate the connection between rabbit reproduction, our hydrogen-oxygen explosion, Walt Disney's ping-pong ball and mousetrap demonstration, nuclear bombs, and the current Coronavirus pandemic. When you understand one, it is much easier to understand the others. This is for your enlightenment. You will not be tested on it.

The following links have useful general information:

Clovis College COVID-19 Information Page

California Dept. of Public Health Web Site

Kaiser Permanente COVID-19 Advice

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