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UPDATE - March 28 at 10:02 PM: I have added Lecture Notes for March 25, 2020 below.

UPDATE - March 27 at 5:05 PM: I have added Lab Notes for Week 11 - March 23 and 25 below.

UPDATE - March 27 at 2:07 AM: Here are the contents of an e-mail that I sent out to everyone.

My younger daughter sent me the following link to a Washington Post article entitled "Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to 'flatten the curve'" which I feel is worth passing along to Science-1A students. I'm hoping that it can be viewed without any cost.

Virus Simulation

I'm sure you appreciate the connection between rabbit reproduction, our hydrogen-oxygen explosion, Walt Disney's ping-pong ball and mousetrap demonstration, nuclear bombs, and the current Coronavirus pandemic. When you understand one, it is much easier to understand the others. This is for your enlightenment. You will not be tested on it.

UPDATE - March 26 at 8:50 AM: Everyone should have received an e-mail announcing that this server is up again. I'll have a new handout in about 24 hours.

UPDATE - March 25 at 10:20 PM: Networking problems remain. It seems that you can access this by using or from a network cache, but not using http://yosemitefoothills.com/Science-1A/ .

UPDATE - March 25 at 8:43 PM: I had an abrupt failure of the DSL Modem connecting me to the Internet at 12:08 PM today which cost many hours to find a workaround and re-work my firewall and router. I am still working on getting e-mail working, but it appears that the web server is working. This has delayed my preparation of this weeks Lab summary and the March 25 Lecture summary.

UPDATE - March 23 at 2:45 PM: I have now added today's lecture at Lecture Notes for March 23, 2020 to the section below entitled "On-Line Lecture and Lab Notes". Also, I have still not received e-mails from McKayla G., Breanna G., Andre T., Jaclyn W., Taylor E., and Brenda F.. I need to know if they are still with us.

UPDATE - March 21 at 8:24 PM: I have now added a pdf file entitled Lecture Notes for March 18, 2020 in the section below entitled "On-line Lecture and Lab Notes". Please read these. I proofread them 4 times, but let me know of mistakes or unclear sections. Lecture Notes for March 16, 2020 were posted a few days ago.

I am still thinking about quizzes and tests and may do them by e-mail making the questions true/false, multiple choice, or fill in the blanks, but not writing equations nor drawing diagrams. Still, the questions will be designed to test the same facts learned by studying the Practice Quizzes.

UPDATE - March 20 at 3:24 PM: I have added a pdf file entitled Lab Notes for Week 10 - March 16 and 18, 2020 in the section entitled "On-line Lecture and Lab Notes" below. Read those notes and observe the animated gifs mentioned there which are at http://yosemitefoothills.com/Science-1A/#molecules.

UPDATE - March 20 at 1:16 AM: I have removed obsolete updates. I still need confirmations of receipt of my e-mail test from McKayla G., Breanna G., Andre T., Jaclyn W., Taylor E., and Brenda F.. Please send a message to science1a@yosemitefoothills.com to confirm that you can get the e-mails and can see this web page.

UPDATE - March 18 at 1:14 PM: We will make this work!!! One student sent me the following message "Hello Professor, I'm confirming that I receive your email. Just a heads up, if students like me do not have internet access at their home, I found out that Comcast (Xfinity) is letting college students sign up for two months free of charge during this difficult time. I just signed up, and was approve this includes free installment. Students can find the information on the Clovis campus website! Thank you!"

UPDATE - March 17 at 9:51 PM: I have created a section on this page entitled "On-line Lecture and Lab Notes" and placed within it my first pdf file of notes. Please take your time to read these carefully and follow their links. Speed reading science is a bad idea. More will be added as I can create and proof-read them. Let me know by e-mail about errors or parts that are unclear.

UPDATE - March 17 at 5:19 PM: I have watched an instruction video about the Zoom on-line system the school uses and really do not want to use it. Also, my Internet speed is probably inadequate for it.

UPDATE - March 16 at 9:27 PM: I sent out an e-mail message with the subject "TestEmailToAllStudents" at 5:18 PM today and have been getting "Got it" messages back. I am adding personal e-mail addresses to my address list when requested. The e-mails are being separately sent so that the addresses are not being shared the way mass mailings often do.

UPDATE - March 14 at 00:55 PM: I sent the message in the following link to all students via e-mail. If for some mysterious reason you did not get that e-mail, send me a note at science1a@yosemitefoothills.com and I will try to figure out why. I need to be able to count on e-mail messages getting to all of you.

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