libftdi prototypes in Linux (ftdi.h)

ftdi_init(struct ftdi_context *ftdi);

int ftdi_set_interface(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, enum ftdi_interface interface);

void ftdi_deinit(struct ftdi_context *ftdi);

void ftdi_set_usbdev (struct ftdi_context *ftdi, usb_dev_handle *usbdev);

int ftdi_usb_find_all(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, struct ftdi_device_list **devlist, int vendor, int product);

void ftdi_list_free(struct ftdi_device_list **devlist);

int ftdi_usb_open(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, int vendor, int product);

int ftdi_usb_open_desc(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, int vendor, int product, const char* description, const char* serial);

int ftdi_usb_open_dev(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, struct usb_device *dev);

int ftdi_usb_close(struct ftdi_context *ftdi);

int ftdi_usb_reset(struct ftdi_context *ftdi);

int ftdi_usb_purge_buffers(struct ftdi_context *ftdi);

int ftdi_set_baudrate(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, int baudrate);

int ftdi_set_line_property(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, enum ftdi_bits_type bits, enum ftdi_stopbits_type sbit, enum ftdi_parity_type parity);

int ftdi_read_data(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned char *buf, int size);

int ftdi_read_data_set_chunksize(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned int chunksize);

int ftdi_read_data_get_chunksize(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned int *chunksize);

int ftdi_write_data(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned char *buf, int size);

int ftdi_write_data_set_chunksize(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned int chunksize);

int ftdi_write_data_get_chunksize(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned int *chunksize);

int ftdi_enable_bitbang(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned char bitmask);

int ftdi_disable_bitbang(struct ftdi_context *ftdi);

int ftdi_set_bitmode(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned char bitmask, unsigned char mode);

int ftdi_read_pins(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned char *pins);

int ftdi_set_latency_timer(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned char latency);

int ftdi_get_latency_timer(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned char *latency);

void ftdi_eeprom_initdefaults(struct ftdi_eeprom *eeprom);

int ftdi_eeprom_build(struct ftdi_eeprom *eeprom, unsigned char *output);

int ftdi_read_eeprom(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned char *eeprom);

int ftdi_write_eeprom(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, unsigned char *eeprom);

int ftdi_erase_eeprom(struct ftdi_context *ftdi);

int ftdi_setflowctrl(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, int flowctrl);

int ftdi_setdtr(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, int state);

int ftdi_setrts(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, int state);

char *ftdi_get_error_string(struct ftdi_context *ftdi);

Last updated: February 18, 2007

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