A Ranch in the Sierra Foothills

Summertime Panorama

You can look at two versions of a 360-degree panorama picture taken from a small hill 500 feet west of the house:

4343x479 pixels (294kB, at least 20 sec to download)

17372x1916 pixels (5132kB, at least 7 min to download)NOTE: Many computers and/or browsers may not be able to handle this large image and will instead display a lower resolution version. Once loaded, the full image requres about 100 Megabytes of RAM.

The ranch house is hidden amongst Olive and Mullberry trees near the center of the picture. Other houses visible are those of neighbors. The center of the picture looks in the southeast direction.

Our 40-acre ranch is in the rolling foothills near Yosemite National Park. To the northeast one can see Red Mountain on the Sierra Crest in Yosemite 40 miles away (it still has some snow on it), and to the southwest, one can see the Pacific Coast Range, 100 miles away.


Remember, you can click on the images to see larger images.

Horses and llamas among popcorn flowersHouse surrounded by green grass and white popcorn flowers, our earliest Spring flowers.

35-year old llama surrounded by popcorn flowersOur 35-year old llama enjoying the popcorn flowers.

Close-up of a popcorn flowerA close-up pictures of some popcorn flowers.

Last updated: March 31, 2006

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