Vocabulary List for Sample Technical Japanese Sentence

Metals (gold group)
A particle meaning " 's" or "of", but when used as "of" the surrounding phrases are interpreted backwards from English. (This is also simply used as the sound "no" in hiragana words.)
Free (self-reasoning)
Electron (lightning child)
The English word "model" represented by KATAKANA phonics and pronounced "moderu".
A particle indicating that the preceding words form the subject of the sentence and pronounced "wa" in this case. (This is also simply used as the sound "ha" in hiragana words.)
Specific heat (comparison heat)
Thermal conductivity (heat transmission guidance ratio)
Electrical conductivity (lightning-spirit transmission guidance ratio)
Magnetic susceptibility (magnet transform ratio)
Electrodynamics (lightning-spirit power study)
With regard to ... (the preceeding items)
Good, satisfactory
Understanding (reason-taking apart)
A particle signifying that the preceding was an object of the coming verb. This is pronounced "o".
Gives (the HIRAGANA provide the conjugation)

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