Here are few review notes for Linux newcomers

  1. UNIX is new to me, I didn't grow up with it

  2. Demonstration of the boot disk made with only raw kernel image

    The kernel image has boot code built-into its front end that can be used for an instant boot diskette of restricted usefulness - it still depends on a healthy root filesystem on the hard disk.

  3. The chain of events at boot

    CPU->VGA->Power-On-Self-Test->SCSI->Boot Manager->Lilo boot loader->kernel->init->bash

  4. Demonstration of a "boot" + "root" diskette set

    This is really useful. You can have a complete useful command-line oriented Linux system operating in memory to play with or fix your disk-based Linux setup.

  5. How Lilo works

  6. RTFM

    Linux has man pages, kernel documentation in linux/Documentation, lots of books, and the ultimate answer book, its source code. You may feel overwhelmed at first, but it's worth the effort; gradually you'll begin to feel the power of the Source! References specific for this talk are here.

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